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2021 Contest Winners

Front row, from left: Alyvia Gerald, Andie Gerald, Connor Hildreth. Back row, from left, Jayden Kitrell Lindsey, Isabella Maria Zamora-Saldana, Hilary Gaun, Charles Kaska, Talia Tallman, Sandy Bruney

Winners of the 2021 contests sponsored by the Anson County Writers’ Club were celebrated with an awards ceremony March 27 at the First Presbyterian Church fellowship hall.

Accompanied by family and friends, the authors of poetry and prose received a certificate, cash prize, and a goody bag filled with writing materials such as pens, notebooks, sticky notes and copy paper. They also received a copy of Anson Pathways XI, an anthology of the winning entries from the 2019, 2020, and 2021 contests.


Youth Poetry, grades 3-6: Alyvia Gerald, first place for “Tourette’s Awareness;” Andie Gerald, second place for “My Dog Bella;” Connor Hildreth, third place for “My Love of Four Wheelers.”

Youth Prose, grades 3-6: Isabella Maria Zamora-Saldana, first place for “Alexander’s Adventure.” All youth winners are students of Tracy Preslar at Ansonville Elementary School.

Youth poetry, grades 9-12: Hilary Gaun, first place for “Our Ribbons of Life.”

Youth prose, grades 9-12: Jaydan Kitrell Lindsey, first place for “Beautiful Tragedies.” Gaun and Lindsey are both students at Anson County Early College.

Adult poetry: Talia Tallman, Wadesboro, first place for “Type One;” Sandy Bruney, Wadesboro, second place for “The Minstrel;” Mario Kersey, Raleigh, for “Among Friends;” Abigail Gano, Peachland, honorable mention for “A Summer’s Dream, a Winter’s Memory.”

Adult Prose: Sandy Bruney, first place for “How Maude Kittrick (Maybe) Saved the Planet;” Charles Kaska, Heath Springs, S.C., second place for “Post Card from Phinda.”

Copies of Anson Pathways XI are available at the Anson County Arts Council or amazon.com

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