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21st Annual Awards Ceremony held

2009 contest winners

Shown in the front row, from left, are 2009 winners Maggie Horne, Savannah Sommerville, Sasha Mayes and Colten Kelly. In the back row, from left, are Cydney Livingston, Eukela Little, Quatavis Liles, Alena Moore and Alicia Moore.

2009 contest winners

Shown in the front row, from left, are Sasha Burns, Dorothy Morrison, Rhonda Stewart and Karen MacMurray. In the back row, from left, are Seth Templeton, Kayla Downer, Shamicka Hough, Hilda Gaddy Courter, Beverley Getzen and Mario Kersey. Winners not shown are Andre Tyson, D’Anya Chance, Tiffany Treadaway and Kelvin Dashun Coxe.

     Winners of the Anson County Writers’ Club 2009 contests in prose and poetry were honored at the club’s 21st annual awards ceremony on Feb. 28 at the Little Theater, H.B. Allen Library in Wadesboro.
     ACWC president Rufus Getzen welcomed the winners and their families. Getzen stressed the importance of the written word in preserving our culture and history even in this age of computers and television. The story of Joseph takes two hours to tell in the musical, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” Getzen said. It can be read in its entirety in just a few minutes.     Talent helps, but anyone can be taught to write clearly and to convey their ideas in a logical and understandable form, Getzen said. The ACWC fosters the art of writing by encouraging both beginning and experienced writers through its annual contests. Club members also act as coaches at the monthly Open Mic meetings by offering suggestions as to how writers might improve their work.
     Winners in the poetry, grades 3-6 category, were: first place, Sasha Mayes, WPS, “Snowballs”; second place, Cydney Livingston, AES, “Falling Leaves”; third place, Eukela Little, WPS, “When I Open a Book.” Prose awards went to: first place, Savannah Sommerville, WES, “Sugar Shack”; second place, Colten Kelly, AES, “My Big Brother Troy; third place, Maggie Horne, WPS, “A Thanksgiving to Remember.”

     Poetry winners in grades 7-9 were: first place, Alena Moore, AMS, “Winds of Change”; second, Alicia Moore, AMS, “Baking Christmas Cookies”; third, Quatavis Liles, AMS, “Doubt.” First place in prose went to Andre Tyson, AHS, “Does It Really Matter?”; second, Seth Templeton, AHS, “ A Day in the Life of Alexander Drake”; third, Kayla Downer, AHS, “The Daily Life of Emma Dove.”
     Grades 10-12 winners in poetry were: Kelvin Dashun Coxe, AHS, “Christmas Hope”; second, Sasha Burns, ACA, “Blind Eyes”; third, Tiffany Treadaway, AEC, “Words.” Prose awards went to: D’Anya Chance, AHS, “Stereotyping in the African American Culture”; second, Shamicka Hough, AHS, “Flying Away”; third, Rhonda Stewart, AHS, “Dear Lord Thy God.”
     Adult winners in poetry were: first place, Mario Kersey, “Upon Reflecting After a Morning Lick”; second, Hilda Gaddy Courter, “City Pond”; third, Dorothy Morrison, “Christmas Eyes.” Prose winners were: first place, Dorothy Morrison, “Shortnin Bread”; second, Karen MacMurray, “The Best Laid Plans”; third,Beverley Getzen, “The Light Bulb.”
     A reception followed the presentation of certificates and cash prizes.
     The ACWC wishes to thank the Union County Writers’ Club for acting as judges in the 2009 contests; and the Anson County teachers who encouraged their students to submit their work.

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