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Grant Program

     The Anson County Writers’ Club has established a grant program to foster the art of writing in Anson County.
     The club will accept grants submissions during any time period, but applicants should allow up to 45 days for review by the writers’ club’s grant jury.
     The grant program is an opportunity to local clubs and organizations to apply for money to present seminars, classroom programs or special projects that pertain to prose and poetry writing.

     The grant program is especially open to the arts council, historical society, the county school system, the community college, and local clubs, organizations, churches and non-profits. The grant program is only open to Anson County entities.
     Each applicant will be eligible to receive up to $1,500. No matching funds are required to be awarded a grant.
     Grant submissions must include the following: a cover letter written on the applicant’s official letterhead that states the purpose of the grant; a budget for the overall project that includes a line item for the use of the grant money; and two letters of support.
     Applicants are asked to mail the grant submissions to: The Anson County Writers’ Club, ATTN: Grant Jury, P.O. Box 363, Wadesboro, N.C., 28170-0363.

Two grant proposals approved

Ansonville Elementary School held a Writing Boot Camp in January 2012. The first boot camp was made possible in 2011 by a grant from the ACWC. Thanks to teacher Tracy Preslar for sharing her photos with us. Click HERE to view.


(2009) Carla Marshall, left, presents a check for $1,500 to Tracy Preslar for her "Boot Camp" writing readiness program at Ansonville Elementary School. Both Marshall and Preslar are teachers at the school. Marshall is a member of the Anson County Writers' Club.