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2008 contest winners recognized at Awards Day Program

Friend of ACWC Award, 2-22-2009

Jean Flake was awarded the first "Friend of the Anson County Writers' Club" Award at the Awards Ceremony on Feb. 22, 2009.Shown from left are Elbert and Carla Marshall, contest co-chairmen, and Flake.

Mother and daughter entrants in the 2008 annual contests in prose and poetry were Deana McElroy and Morgan Feagin, 8.

First Place winners

First place winners in the 2008 annual contests were, front row, from left, Chastity Kellock, Libby Allen, Deana McElroy, Brianna Boggan and Gabriela Cabrera. In the second row, from left, Rhonda Stewart, Kendall Moore and Lucretia Tillman.

Second Place winners

Second place winners in the 2008 annual contests were, front row, from left, Faolin McGee, Eukela Little and Kwynika Slade. In the back row, from left, are Randy Tarlton and Christian Hunter Powell.

Third Place winners

Third place winners and honorable mentions in the 2008 annual contests were, front row, from left, Genesis Neal, Taylor Hunt, Matthew Burns, Morgan Feagin, Olivia Edwards and Alice Harrison. In the back row, from left, are LuEllen Huntley, Dominique McKever, Octavis Willoughby and Evelyn Taylor.

  • Youth Poetry (3-6): Brianna Boggan, First Place, "What a Teacher;" Faolin McGee, Second Place, "The Cat and the Rat;" Anna McGowan, Third Place, "Guardian Angel;" and Honorable Mentions, Olivia Edwards, "Christmas" and Morgan Feagin, "Just Writing."
  • Youth Prose (3-6): Chastity Kellock, First Place, "The Princess;" Eukela Little, Second Place, "Why Thanksgiving is Special;" Third Place, Genesis Neal, "The Meanest Skunk;" and Honorable Mentions, Taylor Hunt, "Our Family Thanksgiving" and Matthew Burns, "The Pirate Ghost."
  • Youth Poetry (7-9): Lucretia Tillman, First Place, "Who Am I."
  • Youth Prose (7-9): Gabriela Cabrera, First Place, "The Gift of Sacrifice."
  • Youth Poetry (10-12): Kendall Moore, First Place, "Broken Heart;" Brittany Melton, Second Place, "Who Would I Run To?" and Third Place, Octavis Willoughby, "Me and Her."
  • Adult Poetry: Deana McElroy, First Place, "The Game;" Kwynika Slade, Second Place, "Black Women;" LuEllen Huntley, Third Place, "Six Months with Zebra;" and Honorable Mentions, Alice Harrison, "I Cannot Let You Go"and Pamela Holt, "Little Angels."
  • Adult Prose: Libby Allen, First Place, "Daddy's Pancake Syrup;" and Randy Tarlton, Second Place, "Bad Birthdays."
  •      After the awards were presented, winners and their families and friends were invited to share in a reception with cake, cookies and punch.

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