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2007 contest winners recognized
at Awards Day Program

Winners of the 2007 contests in prose and poetry, youth category, are, front row, from left, Marci Sessions, Malia Gaddy and Myasya Richardson. In the back row, from left, are Darien Kyle Levine, Breanna Ingram, Amelia Burr, Brittany Vaughn and Felicia Verra.

Winner in the Adult Prose and Poetry contests are, from left, Aaron Massey, Sandy Bruney and Mario D. Kersey.

     The Anson County Writers' Club held its 19th annual Awards Day on February 24, 2008, to recognize winners of the 2007 contests in prose and poetry. Winners in the Youth Prose (3-6) category were Amelia Burr, first place, "My First Trip to Hawaii"; Myasya Richardson, second place, "The Mystery House"; and Crystal Smith, third place, "ZorroDog!". Honorable mentions were awarded to Brianna Forte, "The Scary Halloween Night" and Breanna Ingram, "My Favorite Person."
     Youth Poetry (3-6) awards were presented to Marci Sessions, first place, "Horses"; Brittany Vaughn, second, place, "My Poem"; and Malia Gaddy, third place, "Holy Light."
     Winners in the Youth Poetry (10-12) category were LaQuita Harris, first place, "My Little Angel"; Darien Kyle Levine, second place, "My Loss, Her Gain"; and Felicia Verra, third place, Robert's Song."
     Winners in Adult Prose were Sandy Bruney, first place, "The Ghost Child"; Wanda B. Howard, second place, "Regret"; and Betsy Haskell, third place, "Andy's Eyes."
     Adult Poetry awards went to Mario D. Kersey, first place, "The Heroics of the Coward"; Aaron Massey, second place, "Our Future Generation"; and Sandy Bruney, third place, "Evolution of the Telephone."
     Following the presentation of awards and readings, the winners and their guests were invited to a reception. Punch, cookies, cheese biscuits, chips, crackers, dip, nuts and mints were arrayed on a festive table.
     The Anson County Writers' Club thanks all who participated in the 2007 contests. Contest co-chairmen were Carla and Elbert Marshall.

A copy of ANSON PATHWAYS VI, an anthology of the winning entries from 2004-2005-2006 contests, was presented to all county school libraries, the Hampton B. Allen Library and the media center at South Piedmont Community College. Shown right are Elbert Marshall, ACWC President and contest co-chair, Betsy Ammons, principal of Ansonville Elementary School, and Carla Marshal, contest co-chair.

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