Back Porch Stories 2016

Sponsored by the Anson County Writers' Club, the Anson County Arts Council, the Anson County Tourism Development Authority, and UWharrie Bank as a part of the 2016 Carolinas Writers Conference in Wadesboro, N.C.

Mitchel Capel

     Featured storyteller Mitch Capel/“Gran’daddy Junebug" was born and raised in the small town of Southern Pines, North Carolina. He has been bringing stories to life and delighting audiences throughout the United States with his warmth, wit and compelling storytelling style since 1985.
     Capel calls his style of storytelling “sto’etry” (stories recited poetically). He has been featured at numerous festivals including twice at The National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN & The Timpanogas Storytelling Festival in Orem, Utah; The Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC; The 2009 Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival on the National Mall in Washington, DC and annually at both The National Black Storytelling Festival (since 1988) and The Signifyin’ & Testifyin’ Storytelling Festival in Minnesota (since 1994).

     Author/Storyteller/Playwright Linda Goodman, an Appalachian Mountain native of Melungeon descent, draws on her roots to create a magic world where fantasy and ordinary heroes come together to entertain and inspire. She also tells traditional tales using a wide array of voices to make characters come to life.
     She has performed nationwide and been published in the Chicken Soup and Stories for the Heart Series. Her one-woman show and book, Daughters of the Appalachians, has also been performed as a play by theater companies in California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Georgia, and Virginia. Her CDs include Jessie and Other Stories and Bobby Pins, both winners of multiple Storytelling World Winner Awards.
     Linda has been a professional storyteller since January, 1989, and currently resides in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

Jadie Fuson

     Jadie FusonJadie works with boys at Cameron Boys Camp, where he has learned how to capture the attention of his audience. He is a lover of great stories, his first mentor being the greatest storyteller of all time: Jesus. Listener beware, this teller may cause extreme bouts of laughter and visions of strange situations, and in severe cases, even a euphoric sense of community.

J.A. Bolton     Moderator J.A. Bolton started telling stories at a young age when the fellas at the local store would buy him a drink and a candy bar to tell 'em a story. He soon found that telling stories was a good way to take a break from hard work on the farm too. Since then, he’s gone on to tell some pretty tall tales that include huntin’, fishin’, and workin’ on the farm. His motto is "Live, Love, Laugh.”