Back Porch Stories

     Back Porch Stories, a story-telling event for the entire family, was presented at the Ansonia Theatre in Wadesboro on Friday, April 17, 2015.

Back Porch Stories was sponsored by the Anson County Writers' Club, the Anson County Arts Council, the Anson County Tourism Development Authority, and UWharrie Bank as a part of the 2015 Carolinas Writers Conference.

Michael Reno Harrell
Featured storyteller

     Michael Reno Harrell is an award winning songwriter, storyteller and published author. His songs have been described as “Appalachian grit and wit”, but his self pinned material resonates far beyond his Southern roots. Because of his exceptional knack for description, fans have described his songs as “little movies”. Michael’s songs have earned both gold and platinum awards and his recordings have topped the Americana charts. Working over 200 dates a year, he has been a featured performer at the National Storytelling Festival, MerleFest, the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival, and the Walnut Valley Festival just to name a few. His combination of music and storytelling are based in experience, sometimes downright funny, sometimes just plain scary, maybe even with a message worth taking away, but always mesmerizing and entertaining. Don’t miss the chance to experience what those faithful fans keep returning again and again to enjoy.

My Roots Are Showing - Episode 27 from Michael Reno Harrell on Vimeo.

Martha Reed Johnson

     According to her parents, Martha has been telling tales from the time she could talk. She is one of five children raised in New England and now residing in South Carolina. She shares with heart and humor stories of growing up in a family of crazy adventurers. Martha has firsthand experience of life in a tall tale. From Massachusetts to California, Florida to Nova Scotia, across three continents, on horseback, foot, a flying bus, and a bike, Martha's travels will leave you laughing and wanting more. Martha is a master at finding, creating and telling amazing stories from ordinary moments.

J.A. Bolton

     J.A. Bolton started telling stories at a young age when the fellas at the local store would buy him a drink and a candy bar to tell 'em a story. He soon found that telling stories was a good way to take a break from hard work on the farm too. Since then, he’s gone on to tell some pretty tall tales that include huntin’, fishin’, and workin’ on the farm. His motto is "Live, Love, Laugh.”